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hasta el 11 de abril 2014

Regina Silveira . Dark Swamp

Regina Silveira, Sao Paulo
Exposición "LILITH`S DREAM" hasta el 28. febrero 2014

In Dark Swamp (2011) the far-reaching theme is the transposition of the biblical, mythical and historic plagues to nonlinear metaphors that could poetically allude to the plagues manifestations in contemporaneity. Conceptual updating is focused on the way other plagues could beset us today, in a range of social and environmental contexts, jeopardizing the future.
Dark Swamp metaphorically alludes to power, evil, or to the evilness of power, as well as destiny and prophecy. The elements acting as symbolic supports for Dark Swamp are the extended graphic appropriated image of alligators and a black egg, with oversized proportions. Laid at the center of the alligators pattern, the egg simulates an undesired gestation that expands circularly
like an uncontrollable stain, with the potential to grow in any direction, in continuous replication.